Free shipping to the USA, Canada & Europe!
Free shipping to the USA, Canada & Europe!
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Customer information

When will my order arrive?

Our products are processed and dispatched from our warehouses within 1-3 working days from the time of ordering. Shipping takes approximately 12-20 days depending on your location. There may be cases where it may take longer in situations of holiday seasons, customs or courier delays.


How is my order delivered?

We use e-packet shipping to provide the fastest delivery possible for the cheapest cost as the items we send are generally light weight.


Will I have to pay any customs fees/GST or taxes?

As Sunblessed sends goods to many different locations around the world, we cannot provide information for your specific area. We have no control over these fees. For further information please consult your local customs and or taxation office.


Can I receive my goods using a PO BOX mail address?

No. Please make sure you order your items using a street address. 

How to take your measurements

Your Band

Wearing a non-padded, non-minimising everyday bra, measure just above the bust by bringing a soft measuring tape across your back at band level, under each arm (elbows down), then around the front to snugly but comfortably line up with where your bra straps meet your cups.

TIP: Odd number or on the half inch? Round down to the nearest even number.

TIP: Did you measure yourself below the bust instead? Follow our guidelines for above-the-bust measuring before entering your Band Size into the Perfect Fit Calculator.

Your Bust

Measure across the fullest part of the bust by threading a soft measuring tape across your back at band level and under each arm, being careful that your elbows are down and that the tape isn't pulled away from the body in the front. With the tape in position, take a breath in and out, allowing it to slide to its most comfortable, non-binding fit.

TIP: If the measurement falls on the half inch, round up.

Waist Measurement

Bend to one side to find natural indentation in torso. This is your natural waist. Run tape around natural waistline, keeping tape parallel with floor and one finger between body and tape for a more comfortable fit.

Hip Measurement

Stand on a level surface with feet together. Measure around fullest part of hips and bottom (approximately 7"-9" below waistline), keeping tape parallel with floor.


Anything you want to know? Just ask!